Barbados Food and Rum Festival
Food & Rum Festival

Barbados- The Birthplace of Rum.

Would you like to know Barbados’ best kept secret? Many people may not know this, but Barbados, the country that is well-known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise-coloured waters is also the birthplace of rum!  
While the island rose to fame for its perfect, year-round weather, rich heritage and lush landscapes; rum played a significant and symbolic part of the island’s history and culture. 
If you take a drive to the country-side, you will see hundreds of thousands of sugar canes lining either sides of the roads and these are cut down each year, fermented and distilled and used to make our signature rum. 
If you’ve taken a sip of Barbados rum, you would know that it is distinguished as the strongest and most refined rum in the world. It is the main ingredient to some of the sweetest and spiciest tropical libations that Barbados has to offer and is the special ingredient in the island’s well-known Barbados Rum Punch. 
The past 350 years of perfecting the art of rum makes us the birthplace of the rich spirit. The still active Mount Gay Rum Distillery holds the official deed dating back to 1703, making us the first on record to ever do it.
Other active distilleries on island today are Foursquare Rum Distillery, WIRD (West Indies Rum Distillery) and St. Nicholas Abbey Distillery, where you can schedule a tour to learn more of our history and sample the different rums before buying a bottle to take home.
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