Chef Shanese Phoenix

Chef Shanese Phonenix has had a passion for cooking and baking from an early age. She got her first taste of cooking and food preparation as a member of the Barbados 4-H Foundation Catering Centre.

With over 8 years experience in the culinary field, she is now a trainer (volunteer) with the Barbados 4-H Foundation and has participated in various national and international competitions.

Chef Kiara Riley

As the owner of Kiara’s Enterprise, Chef Kiara Riley is a passionate and creative budding entrepreneur in Barbados. Kiara has always loved cooking and baking as it is a talent inherited from her family. Upon completing her Associate Degree at the Barbados Community College, Kiara took part in the Toast of the Nation’s Grand Rapids, Michigan. In her first ever international competition, she attained two Best of Shows, 4 Golds and 2 Silver Medals.

Chef Adrian Cumberbatch

Chef Adrian Cumberbatch is the owner of Cook Caribbean Inc and Follow De Smoke located on Pebbles Beach. His love and passion have driven him to become a multiple gold winner at the prestigious Taste of the Caribbean Competition held every year in Miami by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association.

Chef Nicholas Ifill

Chef Nicholas Ifill is a sous chef at Apes Hill Barbados. Chef Ifill finds great pleasure in tantalizing tastebuds and showcasing his talents locally and regionally for Barbados.

His love and passion for the culinary arts started at a very young age, and years later he is now an award-winning chef.

Chef Marvin Applewhaite

Chef Marvin Applewhaite is the personification of a foodie, or as he would like to call himself, ‘a kitchen addict. He can freely admit that before enrolling into the Barbados Community College Hospitality Institute, where he attained his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, he could “only fry nuggets”. He then started his professional career at The Hilton Barbados where grew his culinary expertise while working at a series of well-known, highly acclaimed food establishments in Barbados.

Chef Trevon Stoute

Chef Trevon Stoute’s entry into the culinary world was much like the start of any great meal, building anticipation from the first bite. Throughout his career, he has always introduced something into the mix that was daringly creative, flawlessly flavourful and wrapped in passion. This passion has inspired Chef Stoute, a luxury culinary services company catering to luxury villas and also aboard private jet charters and Quintessential- a classic collection of Food and Beverage apparel.

Chef Creig Greenidge

Chef Creig Greenidge, owner and Executive Chef of CM Catering, holds various culinary accolades. He was the 2016 Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) Rum and Rhythm Chef of the Year, the 2016 Embassy Chef Challenge winner, the 2018/2019 CTO Rum and Rhythm People’s Choice Chef of the Year.

Chef Seth Hasin-Bromley

Chef Seth Hansin-Bromley has worked at many of the finest restaurants in the UK- including ‘The Fat Duck’ and ‘Dinner’, which have been counted among the 10 Best in the World. Since moving to Barbados, Seth has been consulting with various restaurants, providing training and helping to develop and update their menus.

Chef Javon Cummins

The award-winning Chef Javon Cummins is at the culinary helm of the epicurean-focused Apes Hill Barbados. No stranger to the world of culinary competition, Chef Cummins has competed successfully against chefs from all over the world and has amassed many medals over the years. Naturally creative, his career has been defined by his imaginative and skilled art of food presentation.

Chef Damian Leach

Cocktail Kitchen’s award-winning Executive Chef, Damian Leach, discovered his passion for cooking from as young as 13 years old. Upon earning himself Le Grand Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu in Canada, he has since gained a wealth of experience in the culinary arts, working in renowned restaurants across the island and representing Barbados at various competitions.