Chef Steffi Sealy

Bajan chef Steffi Sealy had a passion for the culinary arts since 15, after watching FOOD Network with her maternal grandmother from Jamaica. After completing Spanish, French and English Literature CAPE at Queen’s College, Steffi went to the University of Technology in 2007 to pursue her dream of becoming a Head Chef.

There, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management with a Culinary Arts Major graduating in 2011. She was intent on starting her journey and began working at Accra Beach Hotel, followed by several of the top restaurants in Barbados. From Commis chef at Primo in 2017 to Sous chef at Eco Lifestyle and Lodge in 2022, she then opened the new Zemi Cafe in Bathsheba as the Head Chef, achieving her dream.

Chef Rodney Corbin

This maverick chef believes “there is a magical journey that food takes us on and if we truly open ourselves to the odyssey, the destination lies far beyond umami”. His journey reached a milestone of great pride when he became Barbados’ Pastry Chef of the Year in 2018. He went on with further guidance of the Barbados Culinary Team to win the Taste of the Caribbean Individual Chocolate Competition.

Chef Jamal Whittaker

As the nephew of two former pastry chefs, Chef Jamal Whittaker spent long hours in the kitchen watching his aunts craft beautiful desserts. In 2019, Chef Jamal was awarded the silver medal in the Taste of the Caribbean Chocolate Competition. He is currently a pastry chef at the Coral Reef Club where he continues to hone his skills, with special interest in cake decorating and all things chocolate.

Chef Shaunté Flatts

Shaunté Flatts is a young pastry chef who believes desserts make everything much better. She is the owner of Taelicious foods and has worked at Sea Breeze, The Sands Hotel, St. Peter’s Bay and The Sands where she then took a big step as Pastry Chef de partie.