Chef Anne-Marie Leach

Rise & Rum Liquid Gold Feast
Chef Ann-Marie Leach received Le Grande Diplome in both cuisine and patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu International School of Culinary Arts. After finding a new passion for vegan food and wellness, she then started her new venture as a plant-based wellness chef and started Yummy Mummies in 2017 which specialises in vegan/plant based meal prep.

Chef Creig Greenidge

Rise & Rum Oistins Under the Stars
Chef Creig Greenidge, owner and Executive Chef of CM Catering, holds various culinary accolades. He was the 2016 Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) Rum and Rhythm Chef of the Year, the 2016 Embassy Chef Challenge winner, the 2018/2019 CTO Rum and Rhythm People’s Choice Chef of the Year.

Chef Marvin Applewhaite

Rise & Rum
Chef Marvin Applewhaite is the personification of a foodie, or as he would like to call himself, ‘a kitchen addict. He can freely admit that before enrolling into the Barbados Community College Hospitality Institute, where he attained his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, he could “only fry nuggets”. He then started his professional career at The Hilton Barbados where grew his culinary expertise while working at a series of well-known, highly acclaimed food establishments in Barbados.

Chef Nicholas Ifill

Rise & Rum

Chef Nicholas Ifill is a sous chef at Apes Hill Barbados. Chef Ifill finds great pleasure in tantalizing tastebuds and showcasing his talents locally and regionally for Barbados.

His love and passion for the culinary arts started at a very young age, and years later he is now an award-winning chef.

Phillip Antoine

Liquid Gold Feast
Philip Antoine is a mixologist/liquid artist known by the bartending moniker ‘Philip Casanova’. A multiple winner of the ‘Barbados Bartender of the Year’ title, he has represented Barbados at numerous competitions; all of which he won gold. Apart from competing in events as a culinary ambassador, Philip is the owner and lead liquid artist of the company Cassanova Liquid Artistry, which specialises in crafted bottled cocktails.

Rohan Hackshaw

Rise & Rum
Rohan’s bartending journey began when he decided to complete a course in Food and Beverage. Over the years Rohan has competed in numerous competition including the Angostura Mix Master challenge, which he won in 2012. That same year, he received the title of Barbados Bartender of the Year, where he was able to win a silver medal and the award for the most creative cocktail.

Antonio Busby

Rise & Rum
Antonio Busby, also known as the Krazibarman, has been a part of the tourism industry for over 20 years. Busby enjoys using local ingredients to craft his cocktails, which are usually indigenous to Barbados; cocktails such as “Sweet Potato Pie” and “Conkie” are popular as persons always wonder how he is able to get the taste in a glass.