Barbados Food and Rum Festival
Feed the Future

Barbados Food and Rum Festival: “Feed the Future”

The theme of this year’s Barbados Food and Rum Festival is “Feed the Future”. 

Here’s what the theme “Feed the Future” means to us:

  • We pledge to support education and training opportunities for youth in areas of culinary and hospitality development.
  • We recognize the role of tourism in creating and sustaining a high quality of life for Barbadians, especially as the industry rebounds from COVID-19.
  • We believe Barbados must adopt sustainable practices and through the festival we can emphasise the importance of food security for small island developing states such as Barbados.

How will we Feed the Future of Barbados?

We highlight our commitment to ensuring the ongoing development of Barbadian culinary talent. That’s why we’re raising funds from part of the proceeds of this year’s festival to support:

  • Two secondary school students’ culinary degrees at The Jean and Norma Holder Hospitality Institute and Hotel PomMarine; and
  • One PomMarine student’s dream to further their studies at a top international University.
  • One local feeding programme, blessing those in need
Food & Rum Festival

Message from the Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Senator, the Hon. Lisa Cummins:

For many years, tourism has been the bread and butter for many Barbadians. It’s economic impact is felt across several related sectors including Agriculture, Business and Culture. Beyond providing unique experiences for the wonderful visitors who choose Barbados as their home away from home for holidays, it is our job to ensure that tourism is able to contribute to the quality of life of the Barbadians who make our tourism product what it is. 
We are keen on ensuring that we continuously reinvest in our most treasured asset – our people, and for that reason, we are proud to incorporate this ethos into the Barbados Food and Rum Festival.
Through the theme, Feed the Future, we are committing to paying our success forward in hopes that the next generation will see the benefits and feel the rewards of the work we are doing today to make Barbados tourism the premier product that it is. This is critical as we look at building out a sustainable tourism model that feeds into future generations of Barbadians. 
Training, upskilling and retooling are key ways that we can ensure our future is secured by arming our human resources with the tools needed to be self-sufficient and to contribute to our business sectors. That’s why this programme seeks to offer opportunities to aspiring young culinary artists who will go on to lead the next generation of award-winning chefs in Barbados. 
Culinary tourism is vital to Barbados’ success and I am pleased that this year’s Festival highlights that in a way that celebrates our present and our future. Best of luck to those winners we will choose and we look forward to watching – and tasting – all of your future success.
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