Rise & Rum

Rise & Rum

By: Rhe-Ann Prescod

How do you usually spend your Saturday morning? Running errands, doing some housework, or maybe just sleeping in?

Well, scores of Bajans and tourists spent this special Saturday morning with a rum cocktail in one hand and Buljol in the next as they chanted “All is Rum”.

Yes, if you haven’t yet figured it out, we are talking about Rise & Rum: The Beach Breakfast Party, the newest event at the 2022 Barbados Food and Rum Festival.

More than just Breakfast

Copacabana was filled to the brim with people wholeheartedly enjoying themselves at the most anticipated event of the festival weekend.

There was food in abundance, an array of rum cocktails, and an entertainment setlist that had patrons dancing all morning.

The experience started from the time you entered the event. Patrons were welcomed with branded fans, sunglasses, and a specialty cocktail by mixologist Shane Mclean to ensure everyone was awake.

Some started the morning by heading to the henna station and got beautiful designs drawn on their hands by Amina from Henna Barbados, while others opted for a shoulder or foot massage.

The HyperDrive team and DJ Hutchy and Sizz set the tone for the morning with sweet soca, as the ‘early birds’ decided which food and cocktail stations they would try first.

Endless Food

It was a bit difficult for some as the choices felt endless. Breakfast was served by chefs Rodney Corbin, D’Sean Miller, Shakayla Bovell and Ann-Marie Leach, who represented the vegans.

Chef Anne-Marie felt amazing to be chosen to represent all those who love vegan food.

“Not too long ago vegan food was considered bush but it’s not bush, it’s great and tasty. It’s so good that vegan food finally has a seat at the table,” she happily said.

Her vegan dishes were a top pick as her roasted breadfruit and vegan Buljol were especially enjoyed by many non-vegan patrons.

International chef Huda Mu’min was also present at the event with her famous mac and cheese served with a ginger beer braised short rib. People could not get enough of this dish.

As this was their first time attending the Food and Rum festival locals David Yearwood and his friend indulged in almost all the foods. However, they couldn’t stop talking about Chef D’Sean Miller’s cornmeal porridge and pigtail.

All is Rum

The event was called Rise & Rum so of course, there was bottomless rum.

As Californian Carrie Bell said, “there is no shortage of rum here. If you like rum this is where to come”.

This was Carrie’s first time in Barbados and at the festival and she said it would not be her last.

Mixologists Dameain Williams gave patrons the choice of the ‘Petit De’jeuner’ or the Tiki Expressions and Antonio Busby had patrons covered with the ‘we is gree’ and the ‘ya good?’

Explaining the name choice, Antonio said “The inspiration of the drinks was to bring people in, and it is something that is said throughout Barbados. When you go to the bar and the bartender would probably ask, “Ya Good?” and Ya good has been a fave for the morning.”

Patrons also had the choice of ‘Rise & Rum’ cocktails from the Mount Gay station or Frosteez-infused cocktails served by mixologist Philip Antoine.

Sunrise Party

When the food settled, and the drinks kicked in, the partiers came out!

A line-up of local artists graced the stage giving everyone a little ‘Crop Over tabanca’. There was Mikey, Leadpipe and Saddis, Blood, Faith, Nikita, Hypasounds and Peter Rum.

Lil Rick was the climax of the set as he sang the true anthem of the morning, “All is Rum”.

Entertainment duo Reko Chase and Andwele kept the crowd dancing and chanting until the party ended.

Rise & Rum wasn’t just a typical all-inclusive party, it was a memorable experience that left people anxiously waiting for round two.